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Rare News

Multiple Graded

Stakes Performer

by First Down Dash

$43,758 Earnings

AAA Stakes & AQHA

Regional Champion Sire








Conquer This Wave

Sound, coming 3-yr-old son



stakes producing mare




TNT Tiny Dasher

Sound 2013 filly by


out of daughter of


SOLD HERE 2-7-16



Hez Rare

Yearling son of HEZ


out of mare by

Champion RARE FORM





Golden mare by multiple

graded stakes sire

DASHAIR, si 100, out of

stakes producing PROUDEST

EFFORT mare. She's in foal


si 98, for a 2016 foal




A Special First

AAA stakes winning / producing REAL RUNAWAY

mare in foal to stakes winner


for 2016. She's a sister

to All American Derby-G1


si 104, $910,338




2015 filly by NF FRENCH

DISCO out of multiple race

winning AAA daughter




The Sixy Side

AAA stakes placed winner


half-sister to 3-time

Champion KETEL WON,

si 107, $651,740,

in foal to Champion




Take Me To The Disco

2014 filly by NF FRENCH

DISCO BUG (Frenchmans

Guy x Disco Jerry TB)



Rightous Rock

2012 gelding by KAPUT TB

(son of Champion CAPOTE)


from strong family.

Currently on the track!





From Years Gone By!






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Look at the quality

 Rare News is siring!




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With Rare News's first crop now 5 years-old (in 2010), we're getting good feedback about his sons and daughters not just from race trainers, but from other trainers and owners, too. On this page we will publish statements from trainers and owners working with their Rare News babies.     





Mary Moe purchased a very green 3-year-old Rare News gelding, bred and raised by an elderly gentleman in Montana. The horse had never been in a horse trailer until he left home for the first time very recently. He spent a couple days with us between leaving Eureka, Montana, and connecting with the hauler who was going to take him on to Arizona.


The following is an email from his new owner, written shortly after he got settled in at his new place:


"Rode Eddy tonight. He was being such a nice boy, so thought I'd just see how he takes the headstall and bit, he dropped his head, no big deal. Then I messed around to see how he was with someone climbing up in the saddle, no big deal.  So,  I just took him out into the arena while they were roping and got on.  No big deal. We cruised around, trotted circles, loped circles, he picked up his correct leads even!!!! He's definitely green, but going from being spooked at the roping last night to walking right up and standing there watching with me on his back, and I tracked a few, from way back -- he's an absolute superstar!!!!!! 


"Wow what a nice horse!  If all the Rare News babies are like him,  I want to win the lottery and buy them all!  Fly sprayed him today,  I feel like I could go ahead and take the clippers to him even.  Everything is just easy with him.  He wants to be a bit pushy on the ground, but I'll tell you what,  he's a super fast learner and what a neat, neat horse. I absolutely love him!! I'm going to get a pic. of us and send it to Robert to tell him he raised a gem. And you have an awesome stud horse on your hands!!!!!!!!!"


And from another one:


"Mel Coleman, my boyfriend, is extremely skeptical when it comes to young horses and all the time and effort they require,  but when he saw how nice Eddy was the first time I rode him, now he's wanting to be partners and put his brand on him.  Doesn't that figure!"


Mary Moe

Cave Creek, Arizona

October 12, 2010



"Yes, I just got her preg checked on Tuesday and she is in foal [to Rare News]. The [Rare News] colt at her side is really big already and super nice. I am really excited for him too. 


"I think I have to admit that I am a Rare News groupie now!!  I just love Chris so much. He has the greatest attitude in the world. He is just like a big dog - he is so friendly and laid back and you only have to show him things once and he knows it the next day you ride him."


Erin Wanner

Dickinson, North Dakota
 July 22, 2010


Erin's 2010 Rare News colt pictured at 2-days old,

with his dam Joaks Little Lady, May 2010.


"My friend who bought the breeding to Rare News in the XL Stallion Auction has bought a Rare News 3 year old gelding...Chris...and he is at my house until Sunday. He got here on Tuesday. What a nice boy!  He has just settled in like he's been traveling his whole life. He drank the first time we offered him water and hasn't missed a beat. Erin rode him Wednesday and WOW!  He is very nice, super light in the face and moves big and strong. Never spooked at a thing, buddied right up with our burro and even the hot heels roping dummy didn't phase him. Erin is thrilled with him! I'm extremely impressed with him...his conformation and his especially his disposition and attitude.


"I just can't say enough good things about this 3 year old. Great disposition, great mover, just acted like a much older more mature horse. And this is silly but I love a horse that is clean in its stall and he was even one that made his messes in one corner and didn't walk it all thru his bedding."


Robin Hofman

Women's Professional Rodeo Association

Pro Elite Sire Incentive Program Administrator

& Xl Enterprises Event Coordinator

March 16, 2009


"Chris" -- photo by Brenda Rettinger -- September 2009.



"I have started training my colt and he is like all the others [Rare News colts]. . . .easy.


"I will send you a very bad picture of my colt (3 this year), but the best I could get all alone. It was taken 1 week ago. You will get the idea of how he's developed. I have a friend who moved to Montana and isn't far from you. I was wanting to send a mare up there to breed to Rare News but decided I have too many horses right now. Needless to say as everyone else says, I am very proud to have one of Rare News babies!"


Susan Campbell, Queen Creek, Arizona

January 8, 2009



"I have attached pictures of "Danny" (News Runner). I know I've told you that I really like Danny, well I've changed my mind -- I absolutely love this colt. He's almost 15 hands and growing like a weed. Nothing bothers him and he is game for whatever activity you throw at him. I don't think you can confuse this colt or upset him. He is very respectful as he matures and man is he wise. When you saddle him he is like a little man in his business suit and tie headed to the office. 


"As you can tell I have high hopes for this colt and hope to make all of us proud. Danny just came home two weeks ago from Adam Binks and rides like a Cadillac. Adam had ridden him out in the fields and one day in the mountains. When I picked Danny up Adam said, "make sure you remember he is only two, because he'll make you forget."  He is correct. I have only ridden this colt twice since he arrived home due to my own injury and he was like throwing your leg over an old campaigner. And of course against my better judgment and my doctors wishes, we headed out across the ranch and to the pond.  He never faltered and waded right into the "deep end" of the water. 

"This colt is extremely confident, trainable, sure footed, forgiving and smooth as can be. What more can you ask for? I know that it will be a challenge for me to remember he is just a baby, but I sure see great things in this colts future. 

"Thanks for the opportunity to breed to News!"


Jana Perry, Open Buckles LLC

Cut Bank, Montana

September 19, 2008


NOTE: "Danny" will be trained to run barrels.

Jana also has a yearling full-sister to Danny

& another full-sibling to arrive in 2009.



"I attached some pictures of ďAlbertĒ aka Docda Rocket from last spring ~ he is 15.2 maybe 1150#, regular ole saddle horse gets ridden every other day lotís of cow and will make a nice head horse in a couple of years. Good minded, kind, respectful, smooth, a little lazy but wakes up quickly and settles down just as fast ~ I really like this horse!


"I was loping circles and pushing steers on Sunday and he moves so nice under saddle a man asked what Iíd take for him?


"This might be the kind of horse every horse person dreams about owning some day ~ heís young but he acts so old in the mind already ~ I ride him all over the place, through the Bosque, he drops down into the clear ditches (creeks), over bridges, in the arena, up and down the sides of the ditch banks. I pony two older horses down the ditch bank with him you know at the same time because I donít have all day to get the horses out and exercised.


"It is a challenge just keeping his mind going so he doesnít get bored. Heís been tracking a lead steer for a while and is rating back so nice that itís time to start roping the lead steer with a break away. I have had ropes all over him and he could care less ~ He goes in a little D ring snaffle with barely any (leather) curb pressure or in a hackamore with very little (chain) curb contact mainly nose band pressure and heís the same. ďHe getís what I giveĒ he is just wired that way between the ears, you know forgiving with no issues he gets over it and goes on!


"Heís not for sale probably wonít ever be god willing!"


Walter White

Corrales, New Mexico

 September 16, 2008




TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, a Rare News filly bred and raised by Leon and Karen Glasser, of North Dakota, didn't end up with a trainer until about 2 months before the races at North Dakota were to be held this year (2008). By that time most trainers didn't want her (an unbroke 2-year-old) that late in the season.


These words are from the filly's breeder, written the day following her first race win (her 2nd race), a 300 yard allowance race she won by nearly 2 lengths:


"The filly [Comes Naturally] works until the middle of July. She is however very intelligent and I believe this was her big edge in being able to win a race in about 67 days of training. Had this [the race] been 350 yards she would have won by 3 1/2 or 4 lengths...



"The yearling filly [by Rare News out of Sweet Sashay TB] is as close to a palomino as you can get, really nice, her name is Little Love Affair...


"This horse [Rare News] is going to be a producer. I have said this all along. I have been raising and racing horses all my life, and these Rare News babies have absolutely gotten the best personalities you can find."



Leon A. Glasser, President,

North Dakota Quarter Horse Racing Association

August 11, 2008


Comes Naturally is owned by Jeanette Decoteau & trained by Jim Fleming.

In the photo above, Comes Naturally (left) is shown heading for her first win.



"I recently brought Elliot to San Diego and have had him started under saddle. The gentleman starting him is at the facility where I board my other horses. He [the trainer] worked with him for 4 days and decided to get on him because he was so easy going. He rode him for around 20 minutes and Elliot gave to the bit, started moving off his legs and didn't even make a motion of concern when he threw a leg over. The trainer told me today that he wishes he had 30 of this colt in his barn.


"I was really impressed when I picked him up from Butte [after my deployment], he was so well put together. He definitely matured to be a great looking horse. I hadn't seen him since he was a yearling. He is an AWESOME mover! He is so quick on his feet and has an extremely long stride. I couldn't be happier with him....I can't wait to have another Rare News baby."



Kris Phillips, United States Marines, San Diego, CA.

August 6, 2008


Elliot will be trained as a barrel horse.

He's shown here at 3-years-of-age.



"I just wanted to share with you some pictures of One Nation (or "Nate" as I like to call him). [He] is one year old today....You wouldn't believe how kind and intelligent he is. He is probably one of the most trainable horses I have known. It takes one lesson to show him something and after that he's solid as a rock. 

"He learned to be clipped in 10 minutes and every time you come back to do it again he leans into the clippers to make sure you don't miss a spot. 


"Recently Jason and I also taught him about crossing the small wooden bridge at our house for the first time while the irrigation was flowing. Something we thought a second about at first because this is scary enough for horses when there is no water. He took it like a champ though and after about 15 minutes of waiting for him to figure out his comfort level he decided that it was no big deal.  This is a big accomplishment for us because one of our other geldings has to snort and shy all around every time he goes over the bridge."


Meredith Pierce, Veterinarian,

Tumalo Animal Hospital, Bend, Oregon

May 8, 2008


One Nation ("Nate"), as a 2-year-old (2009 photo).

He will be a barrel horse.



Rare News, September 6, 2008







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